DUCK APPETIZER - CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE-UP IMAGE I love the food and have highly recommended Kyoto to several of my sushi loving friends. Why? Because of the freshness of the selections and the service with a smile. I just enjoy being there and the fact that the food is consistently good is a bonus!! In fact, it is the only restaurant I will eat at alone because I don't feel alone.

I just want to congratulate you on the hard work I have seen you put out and the blessings bestowed upon you as a reward.
CLICK HERE FOR A LARGER IMAGE We love your restaurant, staff and food. We eat there at least once a week. My husband works nearby and now has his boss hooked on sushi. They come in at least twice a week.
We used to eat at XXXX's, but no longer. Your food is much better!!!! We have told many of our friends about your restaurant. My daughter would eat sushi three times a week if we allowed her to. Thanks for opening this great restaurant! L& J.M.

CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE UP IMAGE My family and I used to go to a number of other sushi restaurants, but not any more.
We like your menu, pricing, location and now that you have adult beverages no need to go anywhere else. G.F.
CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE-UP IMAGE We are very happy and pleased with the food, the employees and the high level of service. The prices are reasonable and the food and service are great and consistent. We began enjoying sushi about five years ago and have eaten at many of the sushi restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area. Your restaurant is without a doubt the best of all of them. We've been excited ourselves to see the increased level of business and that more customers realize the great value you offer. Keep up the terrific job you and your team are doing! S.E.
KING CRAB SPECIAL - CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE-UP IMAGE We enjoy eating at the Kyoto Sushi Bar every weekend!
We appreciate the friendly faces of each person that
works at the restaurant and we really enjoy trying
different types of sushi/sashimi your menu has to
offer. T&E.B.

SARA  ROLL- CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE-UP IMAGE You have the best sushi and the best service.Your place was the first time I
tried sushi.I don't know how it can tast any better. B.W.

SASHIMI - CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSE-UP IMAGE Kyoto is the greatest. My husband and I were in this past Saturday evening with our 7 month old, and everyone was so sweet to him and he had a great time. The hospitality and wonderful people who work at Kyoto make it the best place for Sushi in Cincinnati! T.P.
CLICK HERE FOR A LARGER IMAGE I really enjoy the atmosphere and the food. when i think Sushi, i think of Kyoto!!! i really like your Sushi, and it is great because it is right beside my house. Thanks for your great service and food, i really enjoy my time there, either with a date or with my friends!!!
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